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EPS 320 MicroPace Stymulator Elektrofizjologiczny

EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator

The Cardiac Stimulator for today's Interventional Electrophysiologist

The EPS320 Cardiac Stimulator is well suited to the needs of today's electrophysiologists. The EPS 320 delivers the flexibility and automation of a software based stimulator, with the rapid usability of older hardware devices.

The EPS 320's intuitive interface will suit inexperienced staff after only a few minutes training, while powerful advanced features are available for the experienced technician.

Leading edge EP Stimulation technology at your fingertips

The EPS320 features advanced pacing technology, including Balanced Charge Pacing, to preserve pacing electrode IECG morphology in VT entrainment and advanced multi-site pacing control, unique user feedback features including measured impedance, catheter fault and graphical control of QSR detection. Two levels of backup manual pacing means you should never be left without the ability to backup pace.


  • Up to 6 extra stimuli
  • Balanced charge pacing technology
  • Fibrillation protocol (S1 = 30 MS)
  • AICD Style automatic ATP protocol
  • Advanced multi-site pacing control
  • Catheter-tip IECG sensing
  • Main or backup battery operation

  • ECG / QRS / Trigger graphical display
  • QRS detection graphical control
  • High/low beat-to-beat pacing impedance
  • Catheter fault warning
  • Large extra-stimulus numbers
  • On screen visual aids/help screens/stim log


  • Reliable digital technology
  • Non-windows crash-free operating system
  • Two battery powered backup systems
  • Proven track record around the world
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